Reduced Price! ESSENTIAL OIL | Lavender

Reduced Price! ESSENTIAL OIL | Lavender

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Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils used in aromatherapy. This oil promotes relaxation and is used to treat anxiety, insomnia, eczema and even menstrual cramps.

As there isn’t only one (correct) way of using essential oils, here are a few to get inspired:

  1. Inhale - the most common way to use essential oils is to inhale them, both for their amazing scent and their therapeutic properties. Simply open the bottle and inhale deeply a few times.
  2. Use the steam method - Get a bowl with hot water and add a few drops of your favourite essential. Place a towel over your head, close your eyes and inhale the steam for several minutes.
  3. Opt for a diffuser - A device that disperses essential oils into the air.

They can also be used on the skin, in combination with your standard body oil or directly in a bath or shower. 

Precautions: Store in a cool place away from light. Keep out of the reach of children. Not to be eaten. If you feel any skin irritation, discontinue use immediately.


  • Lavandula Latifolia. 

Size: 10ml