Organic Red Kidney Beans

Organic Red Kidney Beans

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Kidney beans have a mild flavour and savoury aroma when cooked, keeping their firm texture.

They pair with milder Indian flavours or hotter spices equally well, and are great in all types of  vegetarian and vegan recipes. They can also be sneakily added to sweet recipes, like chocolate cake and muffins!

Dried beans must be prepared as follows:

Soak overnight in plenty of cold water (at least 6 hours),  the beans will swell up in size as they soak, so be sure to use a bowl that's big enough.

Drain the soaked beans and place them in a  large pot with fresh water, never use the water which the beans were soaking in. Cover the beans with at least 5cm water.

Bring to a boil for about 5 minutes, then reduce heat to a simmer. Let the beans simmer for 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes until tender and soft. 


Best Before - April 2024