Aztec Bamboo Lunch Box

Aztec Bamboo Lunch Box

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With a holistic design featuring a bold Aztec monochrome design, this lunch box range is spill-proof, environmentally friendly and designed for anyone who wants to enjoy their lunch on the go.

Not only is our reusable lunch box lightweight and durable, by using a Bamboo lunch box you will help to reduce the waste on our planet which is something that makes us very happy.

Complete with a resealable, no-drip lid supported by the silica band, it guarantees easy and safe food transportation. Ideal for adults and kids alike this lunch box will brighten your day and make your break more enjoyable.

Bamboo is naturally sterile with no flavour taint, so your food tastes pure and fresh :) 

The lunch comes in a beautiful, natural carton box. The perfect eco-choice!

Made of single-walled natural bamboo fibre with a resealable ‘no-drip’ lip supported by a silica band.

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