Guppyfriend Washing Bag

Guppyfriend Washing Bag

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Stop Microplastic Pollution now!

The first pragmatic solution to microplastic pollution caused by washing.

This is how you use your Guppyfriend washing bag:


Guppyfriend Waschbeutel benutzen - so geht's1.Put synthetic textiles into the Guppyfriend washing bag.
Guppyfriend Waschbeutel benutzen - so geht's2.Close the Guppyfriend washing bag and put it in the washing machine. Add other, non-synthetic, textiles and wash as usual.
Guppyfriend Waschbeutel benutzen - so geht's3.Take the textiles from the Guppyfriend washing bag while they’re still wet.
Guppyfriend Waschbeutel benutzen - so geht's4.Remove the collected fibres from the inside of the filter fabric by hand and dispose of them in the residual waste.

Instructions for use:

  • Fill to about ⅔ full so that the textiles can easily move around in the bag
  • Add other (non-synthetic) garments or a second filled Guppyfriend to avoid imbalance
  • Wash at 40°c maximum
  • Use liquid and natural detergents without synthetics
  • Remove coarse dirt and pet hair before washing
  • Slide the zipper into the "garage" provided at the end of the zipper

Please avoid:

  • Rinsing under running water - so that the collected microplastic fibres are not washed into the environment
  • Washing sharp-edged objects - to avoid damaging the material
  • Ironing - this can also damage the material (the crumpled surface is not a problem)
  • Use in the tumble dryer - broken fibres can get out of the bag
  • Hang/dry in direct sunlight - to avoid damaging the material