Reforest Nation Partner

Plant Trees. Restore Biodiversity. Fight Climate Change. 
We have pledged to plant at least 100 trees every year via the Reforest Nation Project for 2021 & another 100 for 2022.
Ireland was once the most forested country in Europe. Due to thousands of years of deforestation, our forests were reduced to just 1% by the 1920s.
Since then, our forest cover has increased to 11% - but this is still lower than any other country in Europe.
This eleven fold increase is quite misleading, as only 2% of Ireland is actually covered in native Irish trees, the other 9% is non-native conifer plantations. These mono-cultures provide very little habitat for our native wildlife as they spent millions of year evolving in a different ecosystem on the other side of the planet. 
Working with local land owners, we are committed to bringing back our bio-diverse native forests and creating wildlife corridors to restore our ecosystem.
We plant up to 30 different species of native tree, some of which are very rare, making these wildlife corridors and forests the most biodiverse in Ireland in terms of tree diversity.
Each species of tree has it’s own community of organisms that rely upon it, some can only complete their life cycle with the help of a specific tree species. This in turn will increase the biodiversity of insect species such as endangered bees, rare butterflies, beetles and moths. This abundance of insects combined with the abundance of wild berries will provide food for songbirds, many of which are in decline.