Bamboo Interdental Brushes
Bamboo Interdental Brushes
Bamboo Interdental Brushes

Bamboo Interdental Brushes

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Bamboo Interdental Brushes .These are reusable and made of bamboo, one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world.

  • These Bamboo Interdental Brushes were carefully designed to help clean even the most difficult spots.

    Our brushes are made from Moso Bamboo (FSC Certified), a renewable source that requires few resources to develop without the addition of any chemicals or pesticides. It’s also naturally antibacterial, making bamboo the best choice not only for the environment but also for your oral care.

    FSC CERTIFIED - Ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


    1. Choose the brush size that better suits you.
    2. Gently slide the brush between your teeth and move it full length back and forth a few times.
    3. Last but not least, do not force the brush into a space. Work it in softly or choose a smaller size.

    The Interdental brushes are just like regular toothbrushes as they can be reused every time you clean your teeth until the brush wears out.


    1. Remove the brush bristles with a pair of pliers or tweezers and throw them into a plastic recycling bin.
    2. The box encasing the brushes is made from paper - no glue, no tape - so it is easily recyclable in the proper container.


    • Bamboo. One of the most sustainable raw materials in the world, known for its antibacterial properties.
    • Nylon 6 Bpa Free. Flexible, less likely to break and easier to clean.