Mouthwash Tablets - Orange
Mouthwash Tablets - Orange
Mouthwash Tablets - Orange

Mouthwash Tablets - Orange

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Free from synthetic ingredients and colourants, these mouthwash tablets help you maintain good oral health and keep your breath fresh.
Lasting 7 times longer than a 500ml bottle of conventional mouthwash saving up to 14 plastic bottles from landfill each year, these tablets are a sustainable alternative to traditional mouthwashes.  
breath-freshening formula
• with refillable dispenser
• 3 month supply
• free from fluoride, sls & glycerin
• liquid-free ideal for travelling
• cosmos natural & vegan
Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate^, tartaric acid^, citric acid^, citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil*^, menthol^, thymol^, limonene. Ingredients: ^natural, *organic.
Packaging: glass bottle^, aluminium lid^, label*, cardboard box^*, vegetable ink*. ^widely recyclable, *compostable.
Directions: dissolve 1 tablet in 10ml of water. Gargle for at least 30 seconds. Spit out without rinsing.

• Made in United Kingdom • Weight: 140.6 g (5 oz)