Replacement Head for Dish Washing Brush

Replacement Head for Dish Washing Brush

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Head replacement for dishwash brush made from PEFC-certified wood and agave bristles.

A little info on PEFC certified wood from

Buy PEFC-certified products

You can help protect the world’s forests! All you need to do is to choose PEFC-certified products the next time you go shopping. Especially if it means that you choose forest-based materials instead of alternatives such as plastic.

This might sound strange. Choosing forest-based materials means using trees in order to make these products. How does this protect them?

We need to use our forests. If we don’t, the land will be used for other purposes, such as cattle ranches or soy plantations. Buying forest products, such as wood and paper, gives the forest value, it creates demand, and provides a financial incentive to keep a forest a forest.


Equally important, forests are renewable, and PEFC-certified forests are managed in a manner that ensures that they will be there for generations to come. Harvesting trees does not have a negative impact on the forests, as they will be replanted.

Other materials such as plastics are not renewable. In fact, 4% of the world’s entire oil production is used for the sole purpose of producing plastics.

PEFC-certified products come from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests. Forests that have been verified by independent experts to ensure they are managed in line with strict international standards.

The best way to keep our forests is to use them, but we must use them sustainably.